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Explore Graduate Networking Resources

Sixty-five to seventy percent of individuals find great jobs through networking. Networking has many benefits, but among the most important is that it is an efficient way to accomplish big goals like career exploration or landing that great job!

Networking Facts
  • A referral generates 80% more results than a cold call.
  • Approximately 70% of all jobs are found through networking.
  • Most people you meet have at least 250 contacts.
  • Anyone you might want to meet or contact is only four to five people away from you.

What is Networking?
  • Networking is an attitude, an approach to life. It encompasses the way in which you relate to the people and the resources around you.
  • Networking is the process of gathering, collecting, and distributing information to the mutual benefit of you and the people in your network. The purpose of networking is to give and get information!

Following are a sampling of networking resources that may help you explore possible careers, obtain jobs and company information or find informal mentors. Why should you consider additional mentors?

CU-Boulder Graduate Teacher Program GTP provides professional development opportunities for graduate students in all schools and colleges with a focus on current teaching, research and service responsibilities, and on your future career goals. Join LINKED IN Career Services at the University of Colorado at Boulder has created a networking group through LinkedIn that we invite anyone associated with CU-Boulder to join.
CU-Boulder United Government of Graduate Students, UGGS is organized and managed by graduate students, for graduate students. Their purpose is to advocate and support graduate student concerns and their work within the larger university community. Sloan Career Cornerstone Center profiles hundreds of professionals who have chosen career paths in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, and healthcare. .
National Association of Professional Graduate-Professional Students has a threefold mission for the graduate and professional student community in the United States of America: (1) develop and sustain a member network to connect graduate and professional students and their associations, (2) provide resources and support to empower members, and (3) advocate at local and national levels on their behalf. More Networking Links...
Community of Science lists research funding, promotes your research and provides access to research experts.

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