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Internship Program Overview

CU-Boulder encourages its students to participate in a wide variety of internship opportunities throughout the year. We define an internship as a hands-on, career related experience that supplements classroom academic experience to enhance the student's education. Internships can be paid or unpaid and students may or may not receive credit for the experience.

Interns should participate in activities that mirror the professional activities of their supervisors rather than performing clerical or tasks that would otherwise be performed by assistants. Internships must include orientation, training, ongoing supervision, and evaluation:

  • Orientation: How the student will be introduced to the work environment, other staff and clients, etc.
  • Training/Instruction: Type of training they will receive in the areas they need to do their job effectively.
  • Supervision: Who will they report to and receive guidance from? Here are some suggestions for supervising your intern.
  • Evaluation: How will they be evaluated and receive feedback during and at the end of the internship? Please see our Supervisor's Evaluation of Intern Form.

Contract Intern Program

The Contract Intern Program (CIP) is a unique way to add CU-Boulder students to your workforce without adding them to your headcount or payroll. CU-Boulder's Internship Program provides you with a great pool of intern candidates and then CIP takes care of the payroll administration, workers' compensation, and tax reporting. Let CIP help pave the way for your organization to reap the benefits of hiring interns. It works very much like a temp agency but at a much reduced cost.

Credit for Internships

We do not recommend that you require credit for internships as credit opportunities vary by academic department. It is the intern's responsibility to consult their academic department for guidance on receiving credit. If credit is required and a student is unable to receive it through their department, an alternative course has been set up through Career Services called CSVC 1000.

Internship Supervisor Training Seminar

Attend this seminar to learn how to define your organization's needs, market internships, select candidates, and develop a learning objectives plan. Other topics include: how to manage and mentor interns, criteria for evaluating your student interns, ways to evaluate your program, and the legality of unpaid internships.

Posting Internships on Career Buffs

Career Buffs is Career Services' online job and internship database for students and alumni. Posting on Career Buffs is free for employers but does include some filtering once jobs are posted. For instructions on posting positions on Career Buffs, please visit: For more information on internship posting essentials and employer policies, follow the links at the bottom of the page.


After reading the information above and consulting the other internship web pages, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Internship Development Specialist at or 303-492-3707. Thank you!

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