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Contract Intern Program

The Contract Intern Program (CIP) is a unique way to add CU-Boulder students to your workforce without adding them to your headcount or payroll. CU-Boulder's Internship Program provides you with a great pool of intern candidates, then CIP takes care of the payroll administration, workers' compensation, and tax reporting. Let CIP help pave the way for your organization to reap the benefits of hiring interns. It works very much like a temp agency but at a much reduced cost.

Benefits of the Contract Intern Program include:

  • No payroll hassles
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance covered by CU-Boulder
  • No W-2s or other federal reporting to worry about
  • Biweekly payments to CU-Boulder for any number of CU-Boulder student employees
  • Low administrative fee (26%)

Additionally, the Internship Program offers:

  • Excellent candidate pool - graduate and undergraduate students
  • Flexible terms of employment: special projects, summer/fall/spring semesters, year-round, or continuing
  • Support for higher education programs
  • Valuable experience for student interns

For more information or to get your organization signed up to use the Contract Intern Program, please contact: or call 303-492-3707.

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